[GUIDE] Door Trim Removal


The following is a quick guide on removing the front door trim on the JZS171 Crown Athlete. I recently had to do this to remove the side mirrors to be painted. Once the door trim is removed, you will then need to remove the tweeter speaker cover which attaches to the whole length of the window frame. Then you can access the 3 bolts holding on the mirror and the electrical connector.


1.a) Use a flat blade screwdriver and protective tape to lever the switch assembly out.
1.b) Detach the electrical connectors for the master switch assembly.

master switch assembly removal from trim jzs171
Master Switch Assembly Removal


2.a) Use protective tape and a flat blade screwdriver to lever out the handle bezel from the lock switch side.

handle inside bezel removal jzs171
Handle Inside Bezel Removal


3.a) Use flat blade screwdriver and protective tape to lever out the switch.
3.b) Detach electrical connector.

trunk open switch removal jzs171
Trunk Open Switch Removal


4.b) Press the centre of the 5 plastic clips gently with a Philips screwdriver and remove the clips.
4.c) Remove the 2 plastic screw covers.
4.d) Remove the 7 screws. Do not forget the screw behind the trunk switch opening.
4.e) Lift the door trim panel upwards and gently move back and forth until the trim lifts out from under the tweeter speaker cover.
4.f) Detach lower light assembly electrical connector and both door handle cables.

door trim board removal jzs171
Door Trim Board Removal


Now that the door trim is removed, the tweeter speaker cover can be removed. After this, the side mirror attachment hardware can be seen. The side mirrors seems to be held on by 3 bolts and 1 electrical connector.


[GUIDE] Willtheyfit? Choosing Wheel Sizes for Your Crown

Here is a quick guide on how to work out what wheel sizes you should look for when choosing aftermarket wheels for your crown.

JZS171 Crown Athlete V Factory Wheel Specs:
Front Rim Description: 16×6.5+50
Rear Rim Description: 16×7.5+50
Front Tyre Description: 205/55 R16
Rear Tyre Description: 225/50 R16

If you already have aftermarket wheels, gather the information above for those wheels. Rim Diameter, Width, Offset and Tyre Sizes.

On your factory or aftermarket wheels, measure the gap between your wheel face or tyre sidewall and they closest part of the front or rear guard. Call this distance “X” in millimetres.

Using the Willtheyfit website, enter the specs for the front wheels. Then enter the specs of wheels you would like to purchase. For this example, we will use a modest set of 18×8.5″ +30 wheels with 225/40 Tyres.

example 1 willtheyfit table screenshot
Example 1 – Front

As you can see in the example above, the new wheels and tyres will come very close to the standard sized wheels in circumference, only adjusting the speedo by an error of 0.83%.

The new wheels will also stick out further by 45.4mm. Compare this measurement to the measurement you took earlier, known as “X”. If this new measurement is larger, the new wheel setup is likely to hit and scrub on your guards. You can either pick different sized wheels or do some custom work to your guards.

Do the same calculations for the rear wheels now.

example 2 willtheyfit table screenshot
Example 2 – Rear

As you can see, the rear wheels will stick out 32.7mm more than the current wheels. Check this measurement against your “X” measurement for the rear wheel guards. If the “X” is less than 32.7mm, the new wheel will likely hit and scrub on you guards aswell.

[INFO] Trunk Release System

Trunk Release System Components

  • Instrument Panel Integration Computer
  • Front Right-Hand Junction Block
  • Front Left-Hand Junction Block
  • Front Right-Hand Driver Door Switch Assembly
  • Trunk Open Switch (Cancel Switch in Glove Compartment)
  • Trunk, Boot Opener
  • Trunk, Boot Open Switch


Trunk Release System Wiring Diagram
  • Battery
  • Ignition Switch
  • Front Right-Hand Junction Block
  • Front Left-Hand Junction Block
  • Drivers Master Switch Assembly Computer Front Right-Hand
  • Trunk Open Switch
  • Trunk Open Cancel Switch

[INFO] Fuel Lid Release System

Fuel Lid Release System Components
  • Trunk Open Fuse
  • Fuel Lid Release Switch
  • Fuel Lid Release Motor/Cable
  • Front Right-Hand Junction Box


Fuel Lid Release System Wiring Diagram
  • Battery
  • Ignition Switch
  • Front Right-Hand Junction Block
  • Fuel Lid Release
  • Fuel Lid Release Motor/Cable

[MOD] Stainless B-Pillar

Heres a few photos of replacing the stainless b pillar stickers that came on my crown, with new thick pieces of actual stainless.
Much better.

crown b pillar rhs before
RHS Before
crown b pillar lhs before
LHS Before
crown b pillar lhs before
LHS Before
crown b pillar rhs black
No Stainless – Black
stainless pillars
New Stainless Pillars
crown b pillar rhs after stainless
RHS After
crown b pillar lhs after stainless
LHS After

[MOD] Interior LED Conversion

I recently replaced the interior halogen lamps with LED’s.

The majority or the interior uses T10 wedge bulbs.
The boot uses a T10 wedge.
The rear number plate lights use a T10 wedge.
The front footwells use a T5 wedge.
The dome light uses a BA9S bayonet bulb.
The 2 front reading lights use a festoon bulb.
The 2 sunvisor mirrors use a fuse type bulb.

Install is very straightforward.


trunk and rear door leds
Trunk and Rear Door
footwell and front door leds
Footwell and Front Door
footwell glove compartment and front door leds
Footwell, Glove Compartment and Front Door
rear map light led
Rear Map Light
Front & Rear Door LED's
Front & Rear Door
Rear RH Map Light LED
Rear RH Map Light

[MOD] Coilovers Installed

The old coilovers were getting worse and worse, so I bought some new ones direct from Japan using the Jesse Streeter service.

The new coilovers are Final Konnexion Limited’s using Front 14kg/mm and Rear 10kg/mm spring rates.

The install procedure was very straightforward, removing the old and fitting the fresh suspension. It can be a little tricky trying to get the lower mount on the front, when the coilover length is set quite long.


Crown About to be Jacked
About to Jack the Crown
Old BuddyClub Coilovers
Old BuddyClub Coilovers
Old Lower Bushes Flogged Out
Flogged Out Lower Bushes
Old Lower Bush
BuddyClub Lower Bush
Old BuddyClub vs New Final Konnexion Coilovers
Old BuddyClub vs New Final Konnexion Coilovers
New Base and Bush on New Coilover
New Base and Bush on New Coilover
Final Konnexion Coilover Installed on Rear RHS
Final Konnexion Coilover Installed on Rear RHS

[INFO] Yahoo Auctions Japan – Handy Search Tips

Here are some handy search terms for looking for parts on Yahoo Auctions Japan, for both the JZS171 Crown Athlete and the UZS171 Crown Majesta.


Search Term:

17 crown door visor


JZS171 Crown Weathershields
JZS171 Crown Weathershields

Rear Spoiler and Rear Bar

Search Term:

17 crown rear spoiler


JZS171 Crown Bootlip Spoiler
JZS171 Crown Bootlip Spoiler

Key Blank

Search Term:

17 crown key


Crown Key Blank
Crown Key Blank


Search Term:

17 crown taillights


Athlete Tail Lights
Athlete Tail Lights

HID Headlights

Search Term:

17 crown HID


Athlete Headlights
Athlete Headlights

Clazzio Seat Covers

Search Term:

17 crown clazzio


Clazzio R Seat Covers
Clazzio R Seat Covers

[PHOTOS] Headlight CCFL Halo Ring Install

I recently installed a headlight CCFL Halo Ring Kit into my Crown Athlete.


CCFL Halo Ring Kit
CCFL Halo Ring Kit


lh headlight

lh headlight heating up glue

heat gun headlight

headlight lens removed

headlight lens

lens removed

lens and inner pieces removed

blinker and parker piece taped up

inner cover taped

all 4 pieces

crown missing lh headlight

crown missing both headlights

back of rh headlight

both inner surrounds

lh inner surround sanded

lh inner surround sanded more

plastic primer grey primer black gloss

inner surrounds primed

inner surrounds grey primer

rh inner surround primed

both inner surrounds black glossed

lh headlight inner surround black gloss

both inner surround black gloss done

inner surrounds temp fitted to crown

AFTER Polish
Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaner and Sealant plus a Foam Buffing Pad
Angel Eyes wired up to Parker Lights through a relay

Fairly bright as the sun goes down
Finished Product