[MOD] Compliance Front Fender Blinkers

Well, I only picked up my Crown 2 weeks ago, but one thing that has annoyed me ever since, is the stupid round orange side blinkers that compliance installed into the front guards.

I have thought about either purchasing some used black front guards from Japan, or taking to a panel beater to fill in the holes and respray the guards.

In the meantime, I decided to look for some clear blinkers to replace the orange.

Im not sure about what type of blinker other compliance shops would fit in this particular case, but mine turned out to be a simple round lens with 2-prong bayonet type fitting. 

Orange Blinker Lens Installed by Compliance Shop

After trawling the internet I found some round clear ones that looked fairly similar.

Clear Blinkers for ’84-’01 Vauxhall Astra

They can be purchased from eBay here:

When they arrived, it was a simple case of turning the orange ones counter-clockwise to release the lens, then pushing and turning the clear ones on clockwise to lock them on.


Now I just need to replace the bulbs with some orange wedges or the chrome/amber type. I would prefer the chrome type, so you don’t see the orange through the clear lens, looking like a fried egg.

In conclusion, a very, very simple mod, but definitely worth taking away the ugliness of the orange.