[INFO] Buddy Club Coilover Suspension Lower Bushes


My JZS171 came with Buddyclub coilovers already installed all round. The spring rates for these coilovers are 14kg/mm front and 10kg/mm rear. The rear coilovers have always had a slight knocking sound in the rear, ever since I purchased the car.

rear buddyclub coilovers for jzs171 no bushes

I searched everywhere looking for new lower bushes for the rear coilovers. Without success i decided to measure up the old ones and make new custom ones.
After trawling through the Nolathane and SuperPro catalogues for a polyurethane bush, the closest one i could find was the SPF2795 from SuperPro. It had the correct shoulder, inner and outer dimensions etc, but was slightly too short. This was fine as i intended to make 1 bush from 2 and insert from either side.


I cut the old worn bushes off from one side, then knocked them out using a punch.

old worn out lower bushes

old worn out lower bushes cut

Then I measured up the inner metal sleeve at 54mm and divided by two. This meant the new bushes I had to cut at 27mm each.

new custom 2 piece lower coilover bushes

I inserted the halves into the coilovers after cutting them to length with a bandsaw and applying some grease to the outer sides.
Then I pushed the metal insert through the centre.

new custom 2 piece polyurethane lower bushes cut to length

inserting the new bushes into the base of the coilover

new lower bushes fitted to bc coilovers for jzs171 and jzx110


The car has been test driven and as a result, found to have its rear clunking noise minimized dramatically.
I hope this article and photos is of help to others.

PS. JZX110 BuddyClub coilover lower bushes are replaceable in the same manner, since both the JZS171 and JZX110 utilize the same suspension.

[PARTS] Battery Part Numbers For Your Crown

crown athlete battery diagram from parts catalogue showing part numbers
Battery Diagram from Parts Catalogue

Battery Part No.

46B24R – GS171 (ALL), JZS171 (Athlete, Royal, Royex), JZS173, JZS175, JZS179

55D23R – JZS171 (Athlete V), JZS177, UZS17#

65D23ROptional on JZS171 (Athlete V), JZS175, JZS177, UZS17#

80D26ROptional on UZS17#