[PHOTOS] Headlight CCFL Halo Ring Install

I recently installed a headlight CCFL Halo Ring Kit into my Crown Athlete.


CCFL Halo Ring Kit
CCFL Halo Ring Kit


lh headlight

lh headlight heating up glue

heat gun headlight

headlight lens removed

headlight lens

lens removed

lens and inner pieces removed

blinker and parker piece taped up

inner cover taped

all 4 pieces

crown missing lh headlight

crown missing both headlights

back of rh headlight

both inner surrounds

lh inner surround sanded

lh inner surround sanded more

plastic primer grey primer black gloss

inner surrounds primed

inner surrounds grey primer

rh inner surround primed

both inner surrounds black glossed

lh headlight inner surround black gloss

both inner surround black gloss done

inner surrounds temp fitted to crown

AFTER Polish
Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaner and Sealant plus a Foam Buffing Pad
Angel Eyes wired up to Parker Lights through a relay

Fairly bright as the sun goes down
Finished Product

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