[GUIDE] Willtheyfit? Choosing Wheel Sizes for Your Crown

Here is a quick guide on how to work out what wheel sizes you should look for when choosing aftermarket wheels for your crown.

JZS171 Crown Athlete V Factory Wheel Specs:
Front Rim Description: 16×6.5+50
Rear Rim Description: 16×7.5+50
Front Tyre Description: 205/55 R16
Rear Tyre Description: 225/50 R16

If you already have aftermarket wheels, gather the information above for those wheels. Rim Diameter, Width, Offset and Tyre Sizes.

On your factory or aftermarket wheels, measure the gap between your wheel face or tyre sidewall and they closest part of the front or rear guard. Call this distance “X” in millimetres.

Using the Willtheyfit website, enter the specs for the front wheels. Then enter the specs of wheels you would like to purchase. For this example, we will use a modest set of 18×8.5″ +30 wheels with 225/40 Tyres.

example 1 willtheyfit table screenshot
Example 1 – Front

As you can see in the example above, the new wheels and tyres will come very close to the standard sized wheels in circumference, only adjusting the speedo by an error of 0.83%.

The new wheels will also stick out further by 45.4mm. Compare this measurement to the measurement you took earlier, known as “X”. If this new measurement is larger, the new wheel setup is likely to hit and scrub on your guards. You can either pick different sized wheels or do some custom work to your guards.

Do the same calculations for the rear wheels now.

example 2 willtheyfit table screenshot
Example 2 – Rear

As you can see, the rear wheels will stick out 32.7mm more than the current wheels. Check this measurement against your “X” measurement for the rear wheel guards. If the “X” is less than 32.7mm, the new wheel will likely hit and scrub on you guards aswell.

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