[GUIDE] Door Trim Removal


The following is a quick guide on removing the front door trim on the JZS171 Crown Athlete. I recently had to do this to remove the side mirrors to be painted. Once the door trim is removed, you will then need to remove the tweeter speaker cover which attaches to the whole length of the window frame. Then you can access the 3 bolts holding on the mirror and the electrical connector.


1.a) Use a flat blade screwdriver and protective tape to lever the switch assembly out.
1.b) Detach the electrical connectors for the master switch assembly.

master switch assembly removal from trim jzs171
Master Switch Assembly Removal


2.a) Use protective tape and a flat blade screwdriver to lever out the handle bezel from the lock switch side.

handle inside bezel removal jzs171
Handle Inside Bezel Removal


3.a) Use flat blade screwdriver and protective tape to lever out the switch.
3.b) Detach electrical connector.

trunk open switch removal jzs171
Trunk Open Switch Removal


4.b) Press the centre of the 5 plastic clips gently with a Philips screwdriver and remove the clips.
4.c) Remove the 2 plastic screw covers.
4.d) Remove the 7 screws. Do not forget the screw behind the trunk switch opening.
4.e) Lift the door trim panel upwards and gently move back and forth until the trim lifts out from under the tweeter speaker cover.
4.f) Detach lower light assembly electrical connector and both door handle cables.

door trim board removal jzs171
Door Trim Board Removal


Now that the door trim is removed, the tweeter speaker cover can be removed. After this, the side mirror attachment hardware can be seen. The side mirrors seems to be held on by 3 bolts and 1 electrical connector.


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